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    Food operators still using polystyrene containers


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    Food operators still using polystyrene containers

    Post by daeva on Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:12 pm

    DESPITE the ban on the use of polystyrene containers in Selangor, there are still traders who continue to use it to pack food.

    A check by the StarMetro team at several food outlets in Klang and Shah Alam revealed that some were ignoring the ban which came into effect on Jan 1 this year.

    They included stall operators at Bandar Bukit Tinggi in Klang and Setia Alam in Shah Alam who carried on using the polystyrene boxes for take-away orders.

    When asked why they were still using the banned items, a trader who declined to be named said she was merely finishing her stock of the containers.

    “I have no choice but to use the polystyrene boxes because I have still have some stock, and I cannot afford to throw them away,” the economy rice seller said.

    Klang Consumers Association president A. Devadass, who was present, said action must be taken against those who defied the ruling.

    “The state had already given the traders enough time to do away with their polystyrene containers, so there is no reason for them to still use them,” he said.

    Anne Tan, 45, a consumer, said she was surprised when her take-away order was packed in a polystyrene container at a restaurant in Shah Alam.

    “The worker who was handling my order told me that they had no option because the boss had yet to replace the white boxes with biodegradable containers,” said Tan.

    A noodle-seller, who was found using the banned product, said it was unfair for the state government to impose a blanket ban on polystyrene.

    “The government should allow us to finish our stock before imposing the ban,” he said.

    Meanwhile checks at several hawker centres, including Emporium Makan and Medan Selera at Jalan Meru, revealed that almost all the stall operators had stopped using polystyrene.

    A majority had switched to biodegradable containers, while some resorted to using plastics to wrap take-away food.

    “The government has ordered us not to use polystyrene and we don’t have a choice but to stop.

    “I am using plastic to wrap the fried noodle over an old newspaper in order to save my cost because I find biodegradable containers expensive,” said a noodle-seller who declined to be named.

    Another trader, Ah Hock, who sells yong tau foo, said his customers were happier with the biodegradable containers compared to polystyrene boxes.

    “They find the biodegradable containers are more presentable and is better at preventing food from spilling,” he said

    An official for the Selangor Government said traders found using polystyrene containers to supply food would be subject to enforcement action.

    He said food operators had, after all, been informed well ahead of the implementation of the ban.

    “There is no excuse for them to use polystyrene containers. Traders flouting the rule must be prepared to pay the RM1,000 fine if caught,” he said.


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