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    Klang Valley folk set for Monday blues


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    Klang Valley folk set for Monday blues

    Post by daeva on Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:40 am

    PETALING JAYA: They may complain and rant about the latest water disruption but like it or not, Klang Valley folks have to be prepared.

    Many of them have started stockpiling drinking water in anticipation of the disruption starting today.

    Actuary Nasrul Husaimi, 23, was among those squirrelling away bottles of mineral water at a supermarket outlet here.

    He was surprised when he woke up yesterday to dry taps at his Damansara Heights apartment.

    “The notice from my building management stated that the disruption is supposed to be from Monday to Wednesday but when I wanted to shower this morning, there was no water!

    “I have a six-litre bottle of mineral water at home and was forced to use that to bathe,” he said, adding that he did not have any tap water stored at home.

    Although she has adequate tap water stored away, homemaker Mas Hudir, 37, feared that it would not be enough for her family of five.

    “It’s so inconvenient as we stay in a condominium and we have to share a water tank with others. There might not be enough water for everyone.

    “I have three small children who are home during the holidays. We need to have enough water so I can cook and clean, and for the children to shower,” she said.

    Retired doctor Fauziah Abbas, 66, was unsure whether her home in Damansara Heights would be affected, but decided to stock up on drinking water all the same.

    “We are a family of three, so I always stock up as it’ll be easy during emergencies such as this,” she said, adding that she saw a notice on water disruption but did not pay it much heed.

    Account manager S. Yugendran, 27, had his hands full getting ready for three days of dry taps.

    “I have a bath tub so I’ve filled that up with water and I also got a bottle of water for each day,” he said.

    Project manager Thomas Ng, 25, bought two six-litre bottles to bring to the office.

    “My housing area is not affected but my office in Mutiara Damansara is, so I’m preparing myself,” he said.

    Accountant Osama Saif, 36, heard about the water cuts but will be going ahead with hosting an engagement party tonight at his home in Mont Kiara.

    “I didn’t think it will be that serious. So, we’re just going to continue with the party which will be held for my sister,” said Osama, who had bought bottles of mineral water for his party guests.


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